Global Disability Development Fund of Rehabilitation International Application

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Contact: Venus Ilagan, +1 212 420-1500

Global Disability Development Fund of Rehabilitation International Application 

Global Disability Development Fund (GDDF) of Rehabilitation International is intended to support projects and activities that bring direct or indirect benefit to persons with disabilities. These projects or activities, applied and implemented by RI members independently or in collaboration with their partners, should focus on areas such as rehabilitation, rights protection, education and employment, assistive devices, accessibility, data collection, and research, etc. Projects to be supported by GDDF will normally be of one-year duration, and the grant for each project will not exceed USD 200,000.

Who can apply:
1. RI Members;
2. Organizations in collaboration with RI members.

Application Process:
1. After carefully reading the Management Regulations of the GDDF, the applicants shall submit completed application form/s together with required attachments to the RI Secretariat c/o the Secretary General through mail or e-mail.
Address: 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 422
New York, NY 10017
Tel. (212) 420-1500
2. RI secretariat will acknowledge receipt of your application, check your application documents to ensure that you have provided all the requested information, and then submit your application to the Management Committee of GDDF.
3. The Management Committee of GDDF will review all applications and make decision every three months. Prove it or not, the Committee will ask the Secretariat to give you a feedback.
4. If your application is approved, the Secretariat and GDDF’s management staff will work with you to finalize the project proposal and project implementation plans, sign an agreement on the project, and remit the first lot of funding to the bank account of your organization.
5. Successful applicants will receive eighty (80) percent of the grant amount upon approval of the application and the remainder will be provided within a month after receipt and approval of the final report.

Donor’s expectation.
RI expects the sharing of project outcomes and best practices. Grant recipients are required to provide progress updates and share examples of best practices developed through project implementation or any similar achievement via any of the following media: print, broadcast, website, social media, television, interpersonal communication and other means. Any report or article related to the project and published/disseminated by the grantee should include an acknowledgment that the project is “sponsored by the GDDF of Rehabilitation International”.

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