Attentive Ears: Help Center Initiative against COVID-19

By Help Center in Saudi Arabia

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia and due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, and its psychological impact, the Help Center launched the initiative “Attentive Ears”, which stems from our social responsibility towards persons with intellectual disabilities and their families in Saudi Arabia.

This initiative aims to support families psychologically to adapt to the challenges and pressures experienced by them and their offsprings with intellectual disabilities in light of the current situation, where a team of volunteers consisting of more than 10 specialists from the Help Center offer their service and support.

The initiative also provides an opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities to communicate directly, encourages them to express their feelings, and helps them cope with the current situation and the change in their daily routine.

This initiative is based on the advice and guidance that have been provided to the families of the Help Center since the beginning of the current crisis, and on the previous experience through the services provided to 5,000 families over the past 34 years, where a family communication group is created for each age group, and all the Help Center social media are being used to spread awareness and education during this period.

The initiative aims to act as a hotline using social media and smart phone applications as a means of direct contact with specialists.

The Help Center is a private non-profit organization committed to enhancing the quality of life of individuals with intellectual disabilities by giving them the opportunity to learn, live, work, and play, in a safe environment. We believe that it is important to empower individuals with intellectual disabilities to become active, vocal, and productive community members starting at an early stage of their development, to support their families within their bigger community, and to promote and advocate for the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities.

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