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We welcome new organizations that share our vision of a more inclusive world to join our dynamic global network.


Rehabilitation International’s members promote rights, but also implement rights through programs and initiatives at the regional, national and local levels.

As a multi-disability organization, RI provides links to a broad range of practitioners in the disability field with whom members can exchange information. This ability to exchange good practices and develop partnerships is just one of the many reasons to join RI. As RI is a democratic organization, all RI members are invited to participate in our annual Governing Assembly meeting to discuss the general policies of the organization and elect the RI President and other leadership positions.


Be part of a democratic organization.

All members of RI contribute to the decision-making process regarding RI’s policies and strategic priorities, e.g. by participating in the annual RI Governing Assembly or serving on the RI Executive Committee.

Benefit from RI’s consultative status with the United Nations.

RI’s good working relationship with the UN and its agencies provides opportunities to influence UN programs and policies, and participate in the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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RI publishes a monthly newsletter to keep the RI network informed of important developments, meetings and achievements around the world.

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RI, through its New York-based headquarters, works with its members to fulfill RI’s Vision and Mission through projects, actions, international meetings, and other services.