Physical Activity and Sport at Home during COVID-19 Epidemic

By RI’s Commission on Leisure, Recreation and Physical Activities

Continuing physical activity and sport is especially important at a time when you have to stay at home and cannot go to your usual places to do exercises. The Commission on Leisure, Recreation and Physical Activities of Rehabilitation International has already published “Recommendations on Physical Activity and Sport for People with Disabilities”. We would like to add further recommendations for exercising at home:

What options do you have to exercise at home?

Prior to taking up new activities at home, you should consult your general practitioner. Consult your doctor before you start to exercise at home and get advice on relevant activities as well as precautions you should take when training alone at home.

It is recommended and preferred to take part in “live” sports lessons using video conferencing technology. This is important to get specific instructions and feedback on the exercises from a trainer.

Only if this is not available, there are many videos on the Internet with exercises that can be done at home or if possible—and in line with your government recommendations— outside, where you can get some fresh air. Please ensure that the exercises are suitable for you and consult your doctor first. You may look at UFIT, which is an open repository with inclusive activities and exercise sessions targeted at people with disabilities and chronic conditions. Alsoa lot of national sports organizations have set up training programs for “home use” that can be found on their websites.

Eckehard Froese
Chair of RI Commission on Leisure, Recreation and Physical Activities
Head of Insurance, Benefits, Regress & Statistics of the German Social Accident Insurance VBG

Jan S. Johansen
Vice chair of RI Commission on Leisure, Recreation and Physical Activities
Manager and national secretary Rehabiliteringsforum DK
E-mail: Jan.Johansen@STAB.RM.DK

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