New Ohio telemedicine program for people with disabilities

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) launched a pilot with StationMD, a physician service, to provide 24/7 urgent telemedicine for up to 5,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

StationMD uses telemedicine to deliver urgent care and behavioral health services to people with I/DD, including those with autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and other intellectual and developmental impairments.

If an Ohioan with I/DD would like to be a participant, they must actively receive services through the following:
The county board of developmental disabilities
Home-and community-based services (HCBS) waivers
An agency provider organization that is certified by DODD
Residents in an intermediate care facility (ICF)

Whether an individual lives in an urban or a more rural area of the state, they now have immediate access to a team of doctors who understand their medical needs. They can reach the team on-demand, 24/7, according to Dr. Maulik Trivedi, the cofounding Physician at StationMD.

The pilot tries to improve access to medical care and make it easier to help with non-life-threatening matters before they escalate. However, it does not replace an individual’s primary care physician.

Participants have access to a virtual, board-certified doctor who decides whether the individual needs to see a doctor in person or not. If needed, they will contact local emergency services and the individual’s primary care physician to ensure a community of care.

The pilot will run until June 30, 2023, and if a success, it will be considered for expansion.