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CSO Capacity Building Project

Theme: The Implementation of Disability Inclusive SDGs as a Level of AP Region Disability-inclusive Response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

4 CSOs from Nepal, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Pakistan are participating in this project to ensure the rights of the disabled in the Asia-Pacific region and to fully participate in society. The project runs from June to December, and the final joint meeting will be held in early December.

Chairs meeting of all committees of KRI- July 23, 2021

There were 10 items to suggest to each party for coming new government but specially weighted on old generation with disabilities because the number of this generation is increasing since our life span is extended longer very fast. The ratio of this group more than 40 % of total population with disabilities in Global It Challenge:

▪ National league: March 2021, 165 youths with disabilities in 4 countries / on-site
▪ Preliminary Round: June 17~18, 484 youths with disabilities from 13 countries / online
▪ Final Round: in October 20~21, 352 youths with disabilities from 13 countries / online
▪ Outcome:
With the goal of 2024, the GITC International Organization Preparation Committee was formed (Chairman: former UN Ambassador Oh Joon), it laid the foundation for standardization of operation methods and securing fairness of competitions such as upgrading regulations and establishing an automatic scoring system.

The possibility of online competitions was confirmed that youths with disabilities can participate in GITC anytime and anywhere by establishing the one-stop online platform including e-Learning system.

It is laying the foundation for developing it into a world-certified IT competition in the scale of the Special Olympics through forming the GITC Committee centered on RI members.

The 50th Conference of RI Korea- Oct 29, 2021

RI Korea have been organizing Conference with specific topics each year, we celebrated 50 anniversary and the topic of this year was “Paradigm Shift: COVID-19 and Disability Rights” and “Policies of New Government.


Yeja Lee

Vice President, Asia & Pacific

Joseph Kwan

Deputy Vice-President, Asia & Pacific

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Adaptive sports help people with disabilities

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Smart devices improve the lives of people with disabilities

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