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The Corona virus remains ever present. While restrictions in many African countries were eased, as the wave flattened and the numbers dropped, there remains a need to be ever cautious until there is a genuine proven vaccine available. The hospitality, entertainment and tourism industry remain very hard hit, which has serious consequences of loss of jobs. Too often it is persons with disabilities who suffer first and most. The NGOs rendering services to person with disabilities and other charitable organizations, and who rely heavily on contributions from the general public, are under enormous financial pressure, often with no increase in subsidies from Government (spending its money on COVID 19 related issues), and also from reduced donations from the private sector, many of whom are struggling to survive.

• Most CSOs switched their activities to wards minimizing the impact of COVID 19, and the potential 2nd wave.
• The First Lady of Ethiopia donated wheelchairs to persons with disabilities, which was a good and welcome gesture from Government.
• The Government, in collaboration with DPOs and CSOs like our National Member Organization, are involved in promoting the COVID vulnerability of persons with disabilities and stressing that they must be excluded or left behind.
• The COVID related restrictions were lifted to a large extent in July, with a bad effect on infection numbers. As people relaxed, COVID increased exponentially. So new regulations were introduced which involves the DPOs and CSOs.
• There are intensive efforts to restimulate the economy with major policy announcement s from the President in Parliament yesterday. The test will be to convert word to sustainable action.;
• The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities is a part of an accredited to the Commonwealth Disabled People organization, a very beneficial involvement.


Mark Webber

Vice President, Africa

Demelash Bekele

Deputy Vice-President, Africa

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