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The national secretaries of RI Europe met twice (by video conference) during the year 2021. During these meetings, the national secretaries had the opportunity to discuss the evolution of RI global. A statement was issued following the meeting of 11 June 2021 in which the national secretaries expressed their concern about the consequences of COVID on the activities of RI global. This concern is still valid today. Depending on health developments in Europe, the national secretaries of RI Europe will meet in a “physical” meeting in the first half of 2022.

The main activity of RI Europe this year was the RI world congress in Aarhus from 7 to 9 September. The National Secretaries of RI Europe would like to underline the fantastic work of RI Denmark once again and the work of Jan Johanssen, whom they would like to thank for the great success of this congress, which greatly advanced the cause of people with disabilities.

The RI Belgium project Practical toolbox for prediction of return to work and labour market inclusion of people with disabilities is in its final phase. The manual will soon be available in book form and the website (accessible to people with disabilities) will be available before the end of the year.

Other projects: MOU RI Global/ISSA

Some of the members of RI Europe are active in the ISSA rehabilitation SWG (which is chaired by François Perl, also Vice President for RI Europe). A series of very interesting seminars have been organized in this framework.

Meeting with the President and Secretary General of ISSA and the VP Europe of Rehabilitation International. The aim of the meeting was to exchange views on the collaboration between the RI World Congress, the International Forum on Disability Management and the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work.


Francois Perl

Vice President, Europe

Nick Carey

Deputy Vice-President, Europe

News & Events

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