RI Global Report: Return to Work — Important Areas of Research to be Developed

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Veijo Notkola, Chair of RI’s Policy and Service Commission, created a report on important areas of research in terms of Return to Work policies.

Issues facing young people with disabilities after compulsory education examines the transition from school to work for young people with disabilities. The report, submitted to the RI Global board, concluded that children attending special schools are less likely to access available services in the mainstream system (e.g. career planning and transitions support) – provided in many countries for non-disabled children – since special schools are generally protected environments that do not encourage the development of necessary life skills, personal skills and social skills needed to be successful in normal work settings.

Generally, in countries where most children with disabilities go to regular schools, transition outcomes are better. If young people with disabilities complete high school in regular settings, they are more likely to enter employment or enroll in post secondary education and training – they are also poised to have higher earnings. Therefore, Taqi concluded inclusive education is a priority – not only to fulfill the requirements of the CRPD, but also for economic reasons.

Return to Work: Important Areas of Research to be Developed (PowerPoint file)

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