RI Commission on Technology and Accessibility – Basic Recommendations for considering Persons with Disabilities during the COVID19 Pandemic

1 May 2020

RI International Commission on Technology and Accessibility (ICTA)

Basic Recommendations for considering Persons with Disabilities during the COVID19 Pandemic

  • Always provide information in accessible formats so everybody can understand them.
  • Children with disabilities should receive information according to their age.
  • Preparedness and response plans, including public restrictions, must be inclusive of and accessible to women and girls with disabilities.
  • Persons with disabilities staying at home during quarantine face a higher risk of mental health issues, therefore, governments and other private or social agencies should consider providing adequate measures for stress and anxiety relief.
  • Persons with disabilities in need of health services due to COVID19 cannot be deprioritized on the ground of their disability.
  • Measures to lessen the impact on the economy persons with disabilities, their families and their organizations, should be considered, including:
  • Programs for funding civil society organizations to support their employers keeping to jobs.
  • Assistance for self-employed persons with disabilities.
  • Cash delivery mechanisms should be accessible for persons with disabilities.
  • Mobile phones with accessibility features and e-wallets must be promoted to reduce interaction and keep social distancing.
  • Deafblind persons rely on physical interaction with others to communicate, therefore special measures are needed during the pandemic, or even afterwards, some examples are:
  • It’s necessary an extra precaution approach to infection control, along with limiting interactions if possible.
  • Sanitizing between interactions with different individuals who are deafblind.
  • Interpreters also need to take extreme sanitizing measures before and after interacting with them.
  • Promote development of innovative technological solutions for communication with deaf/blind persons, besides relaying on touch-based technics.

Recommendations_ICTA COVID-19.[1]

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