RI Publication on COVID-19 – “Protecting life against COVID-19”

29 June 2020

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, Rehabilitation International (RI) and its members, especially RI commissions, have been following closely on how the pandemic is affecting lives of persons with disabilities around the world.

Our overwhelming priority is to safeguard the well being of our members, their families and the wider communities in which we operate and serve.

As the COVID-19 continues to impact the health of citizens around the globe and create extreme market volatility, we are aware that each day is bringing significant challenges and pressures to the members of our global family.

Social and economic disruptions are impacting communities and families in all corners of the globe while disproportionately impacting the disability community as one of the most vulnerable groups worldwide.

Being one of the largest and oldest global networks focusing on advancing the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities, at a challenging time like this, we are called upon to be vocal leaders, and advocate strongly for the rights and needs of persons with disabilities.

During the uncertain and unprecedented time, we should remain steadfast in pursuit of our mission to assist and support the disability community that we jointly serve.

Protecting life against COVID19

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