Extending recommendation deadline of RI Award for Outstanding Achievements 2019

Since the RI Award for Outstanding Achievements was disclosed on August 1, 2019, a large number of recommendations have been received from across the world.

We feel grateful for the attention you have attached to the Award, and are inspired by the vision that it would encourage more contribution to the cause for persons with disabilities.

The Award Jury Committee values each of the recommendations. As the number of recommendations is indeed much larger than expected, the Jury Committee will not be able to finish the work on schedule.

Therefore, the RI Executive Committee decides to extend the recommendation deadline for the Award until September 20. During this period, other potential candidates will have time to learn about the Award, prepare and submit their recommendation documents as required.

Based on the principle of equality, those that have submitted their recommendations are also welcome to update or supplement documents by September 20.

We appreciate your attention and support to the RI Award for Outstanding Achievements.

RI Secretariat