Message for the 30th Anniversary of All-Russian Society of Disabled People from President of RI

Moscow,  17 August 2018

On behalf of Rehabilitation International and China Disabled Persons Federation, I would like to express warm congratulations on the 30th Anniversary of All-Russian Society of Disabled People (ARSDP).

Persons with disabilities are equal members of the human community. In recent years, the international community has achieved notable progress in advancing the rights of the world’s one billion persons with disabilities. Yet, too often, they are still at a higher risk being excluded from political, socio-economic and cultural activities, and discriminated in labor markets, access to education and other services.

Representing the interests of over 1.5 million persons with disabilities in Russia, ARSDP’s efforts are well-recognized and appreciated by international society over the past decades. Rehabilitation International, one of the most long-standing organizations for persons with disabilities, has strived to better their lives for almost a century. As the president of RI, as well as the chairperson of China Disabled Persons’ Federation, I am especially happy to see that we have strong partners like ARSDP who are as determined and dedicated to this pursuit. I believe this event will not only showcase Russia’s commitments for persons with disabilities, but also bring together all stakeholders in achieving our shared goal of sustainable and inclusive development for our shared cause. RI and CDPF will, as always, work with other likeminded organizations, to make a better life, for over one billion persons with disabilities worldwide, to advance our cause and build a more harmonious community of shared dreams.

At last, I wish the celebration event a great success!