RI Global President continues to lead CDPF’s efforts in promoting the well-beings of persons with disabilities in China

September 16, 2018, RI Global President, Madam Haidi Zhang, was re-elected as chairperson of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) at the organization’s seventh national congress in Beijing.

Zhang also made a work report to the seventh national congress. “More than 5 million disabled people were lifted out of extreme poverty, and 1.7 million households with disabled members have had their unsafe houses renovated,” she said, “the task remains arduous, with more than 2.8 million disabled people nationwide still living below the poverty line.” She pledged to lift all disabled people out of poverty be 2020, with more effective approaches to address the needs of families with special difficulties.

The organization will strengthen its efforts in promoting the well beings of persons with disabilities, especially in the areas of education, employment and public services; as well as in deepening international cooperation and exchange on disability issues.