A Message from our Secretary General

Dear RI members and friends,

As we are all going through these challenging and trying times, we  are aware  to the personal and professional challenges that each of you is facing given the impact of COVID-19.

I wanted to share an update on how the Rehabilitation International is adapting to this crisis and highlight the important work still being done for our RI members and for the disability community worldwide.

We appreciate all of our RI members and want to ensure that their main focus is on the health and safety of their staff and the disability community that we jointly serve.

For that reason, we have reached out to each of our grantee partners informing them that we will work with them, case by case,  to adapt project timelines and deliverables so that no organization is unnecessarily burdened by requirements set forth in our GDDF and AF grants.

Additionally, the RI Secretariat will continue to work remotely and support the  RI global network during the time of COVID -19 outbreak with the guidance and support from our RI President, Mme. Haidi, and her Office Team in Beijing, and RI Executive Committee members.

Below are several resources for news and guidance that are regularly updated to help you and your community stay healthy, safe, and informed.

  • Visit the WHO page to get the newest updates on COVID- 19.
  • Follow your local public health authorities to get familiar with  guidance on how to access emergency care, urgent care and immunizations in your in your respective countries.
  • Follow local media to get update with the latest news, rules and guidance that you must follow in your respective countries.
  • Please read the WHO publication on additional considerations needed for people with disability during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please inform and share this publication with the disability community in your respective countries.

We are proud of our RI members and the work that they are doing in their respective countries to best assist the disability communities. During these uncertain times, RI and its global network remains committed  in pursuit of our mission to serve the disability community worldwide.


Teuta Rexhepi

Secretary General