RI Global- Guide on Accessibility in Enterprises” – funded by the RI Global Disability Development Fund (GDDF) and implemented by DGUV and DVfR- RI National Member Organization- Germany

11 January 2022

Rehabilitation International offers consultations for their members or other state-run institutions or top managers in enterprises who are willing to learn more on how to transform some of the golden rules mentioned in these guidelines into practices for their business.  

Representatives from the state or employers or unions  interested to know more about accessible-oriented legislation and jurisdiction or interested in finding solutions for a global- producer or for representatives  serving in various countries, can contact the RI Secretariat or you can contact directly the current Chair of the RI Work and Employment Commission, Friedrich Mehrhoff at his email address:  drmehrhoff@gmx.de  

If you wish to learn more details about the guide, as well as,   the best practice examples mentioned in the guidelines, please contact  directly Mr. Marlon Becker  at his email address:  marlon.becker@dguv.de       

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