All are in for a healthy life

Everyone can find some sports to do. That’s what is promoted on China’s National Fitness Day that falls on Aug. 8.

Wang Jingping looks much younger than a 64-year-old. He started to go to gym three years ago after experiencing a serious illness.

“I work out to get healthier,” Wang said, “If I come to the gym more often, I probably could go to hospital less.”

“I also encourage my family to train with me. I can also be their private coach. My wife comes as well. We are all fit.”

Pan Jiang has a visual disability. It doesn’t stop him from doing physical exercise. He and his friend find Tai Chi and Yoga suitable activities.

“Tai Chi has no limit in space. I can practice it anywhere,” said Pan. “Teachers help us to correct our movements little by little and repeat the process till we get it. “Pan added.

“In fact, blind people can do much more than others expect. They just learn things slower than other people. Blind people just need to overcome their shyness and get rid of the idea that they might trouble the teacher.” He said.