RI Global in the Field: Day 2 of World Congress Examines Disaster Management, Independent Living for Disabled

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Following a first night of receptions, including the launch of Pos’ability Magazine’s Global List, the RI World Congress returned for Day 2, which explored policy and practical approaches to promoting independent living for people with disabilities. The night before had featured a VIP reception during which Katherine Deal, Editor of Pos’ability, celebrated the achievements of 50 of the most accomplished people living with disabilities  from across the world, including RI Global’s new President, Zhang Haidi. “We recognize that all lists such as this are ultimately subjective, but we also believe the Global List are incredible role models who are to be celebrated for their fantastic achievements.


The next morning, the first plenary on ageing and rehabilitation, moderated by RI Global’s own Joseph Kwok, featured Lord Geoffrey Filkin from the UK’s Centre for Ageing Better, as well as Dame Anne Begg a former Scottish Member of Parliament, discussed three key dimensions of a good later life – health, financial security and social connections. For the final plenary of the day, Dr. Stephen Duckworth oversaw a discussion featuring Dr. Tom Shakespeare, Chair of the central research committee for Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning (DRILL), who argued for effective partnerships between academics and activists to further make the case for self-operated care schemes and for anti-discrimination legislation.


The day closed with a performance by Tilley Milburn, a singer and singwriter supported by Heart ‘n Soul, an award-winning creative arts company that provides people who have learning disabilities, with opportunities to discover, develop and share their talents. Tilley performed stand-up comedy and tunes with her best friend Del, a beautiful pink stuffed pig who has been her best friend since she discovered him in a Kent card store.

Here are some more scenes of Day 2 at the Congress:















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