iPad OS 15 accessibility features benefit people with disabilities

14 November 2022

One of the new iPadOS 15 accessibility features is support for eye-tracking devices, which allows people with disabilities involving little or no upper body movement to control an iPad with their eyes.

Technology news website Engadget explains that eye-tracking specialists Tobii has long offered Windows-based eye-tracking systems, but its new TD Pilot is the first for iOS.

Tobii Dynavox, the assistive tech division of the eye-tracking company Tobii, worked with Apple for years to help bring the software to life.

Now, the firm is ready to announce TD Pilot, a device that aims to bring the iPad experience to the estimated 50 million people globally who need communication assistance.

It features Tobii Dynavox’s latest eye-tracking sensor, which is powerful enough to work in bright sunlight.

The total cost of the TD Pilot could run up to $10,000, not including the cost of the iPad. Part of that cost would also go towards getting the device set up, as well as paying for Tobii Dynavox’s software.

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