RI Global Media Alert: Nepal Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation Fund for Victims with Disabilities

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The following note is from RI member organization Korean Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities:

The biggest victims affected by the earthquake on April 25 in Nepal will likely be persons with disabilities. Although there are a lot of rescue operations for victims such as children, women and senior citizens, we hardly find rescue operations for persons with disabilities, who often suffer helplessly in natural disaster situations. Assistance for the life of persons with disabilities after the accident and rehabilitation for those who acquired disabilities due to the devastating disaster is urgently needed. Therefore, APDF, which united 76 NGOs in the Asian-Pacific region for persons with disabilities, calls on every NGO and individual for this emergency support.

Any organization or individual who hopes to give support with continuous concern, please see below for more details. *The funds we collect will be used for victims with disabilities in Nepal through NFDN (National Federation of the Disabled Nepal), which operates shelters for victims with disabilities in Nepal.


Account Information for Support



BICCODE: CZNBKRSE, Account No.:373-25-0003-919

 (Depositor’s name: Korean Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities(Hankookjangaeinjehwalhyuphoi))

 Receipt available.


Please feel free to ask the APDF Secretariat (Korean Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities) any questions: Tel. 02-3472-3508/ Fax. 02-3472-3592/ apdfkorea2013@gmail.com

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