Rehabilitation International marks centennial with digital rehab sub-forum

2 June 2023

By Wang Yanfang

Intro: A sub-forum focusing on digital technology in rehabilitation, an integral part of Rehabilitation International Centennial Celebration, kicked off in Beijing on May 22, 2023.

A sub-forum focusing on the use of digital technology in rehabilitation, a key part of Rehabilitation International (RI) Centennial Celebration, commenced in Beijing on May 22, 2023.

Centered around the theme of digital technology empowering the rehabilitation of people with disabilities, the sub-forum attracted over 200 representatives from RI, various rehabilitation agencies, research institutes and local federations serving people with disabilities.

Zhang Weixing, vice chairperson of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF), delivered a speech at the sub-forum.

Zhang emphasized how new digital technology has brought significant opportunities for enhancing the quality of programs for people with disabilities.

Zhang further advocated for a consensus that digital technology can indeed empower the rehabilitation of people with disabilities. This consensus, he suggested, could expedite the scientific and technological innovation of rehabilitation and assistive devices. It could also accelerate improvements in rehabilitation quality, efficiency and drive, expand international exchange and cooperation, and facilitate the integration of digital technology into disability rehabilitation. This would meet the evolving needs of people with disabilities for a good life.

Highlighting China’s efforts, Zhang mentioned that the country has been paying close attention to the rehabilitation of people with disabilities and speeding up the improvement of the rehabilitation protection and care service system. These efforts have elevated the quality of rehabilitation services and significantly improved conditions for people with disabilities.   

The sub-forum facilitated extensive discussions on several topics, including the application and development of internet-based rehabilitation services, and the development and prospects of intelligent assistive technology.  

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