RI Meets with UNICEF’s Adviser on Children with Disabilities

Today, RI President Jan Monsbakken and Secretary General Venus Ilagan met with UNICEF’s Adviser on Children with Disabilities, Ms. Roseangela Berman-Bieler, at her office to get some updates on UNICEF’s ongoing initiatives for children with disabilities.

Ms. Bieler said her team is closely working with country offices to ensure collaborative effort for the realization of the organization’s commitment for the inclusion of disabled children in all of UNICEF’s programs and activities.

The organization has an internal policy that all structures to be financed by the organization in the more than 100 countries where it operates must include access features. UNICEF is also working to ensure that one percent of all resources used for travel among UNICEF management and staff, is earmarked for promoting access.

Ms. Bieler assured RI that UNICEF continues to work for the realization of its core commitment to children with disabilities.