RI Global Press Release: Nominees for RI President-elect Announced

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RI Global: Office of Communications

Contact: Adrian Brune, +1 347-759-9501

The members of the Nominations Committee (NC) approved by the General Assembly in Incheon, South Korea are: Friedrich Mehrhoff, Barbara LeRoy, Hashem Taqi, Etsuko Ueno and Shirley White. The NC received two nominations for the next RI President from National Member Organizations (NMOs) by the 31 July 2014 deadline: Ms. Susan Parker (USA) and Ms. Zhang Haidi (China).

Susan Parker has been proposed by RI NMOs Lebanon and South Africa. Susan is currently acting as RI treasurer. In the U.S.A., no NMO exists at the moment. Zhang Haidi has been nominated by CDPF (NMO of China).

RI is proud to have a choice of two highly recommended personalities. Both ladies have been advocating for persons with disabilities for decades. They are both able to speak, read and write in English.

The President Elect will be announced at the RI General Assembly in Warsaw, Poland this October.


RI Global: Founded in 1922, Rehabilitation International (RI Global) is a worldwide network promoting the rights and inclusions of persons with disabilities (PwDs) through advocacy, habilitation and rehabilitation to achieve an inclusive world in which all people can enjoy full human rights.

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