RI World Congress 2021 – Latest update and information for the international participants

On behalf of the Chair of the Rehabilitation International World Congress 2021, Mr. Claus Vinther Nielsen and the Rehabilitation International World Congress 2021 CEO, Mr. Jan S. Johansen, I am pleased to share with the latest updates of our RI WC 2021, that is just one week away, and to invite you and your network to join us by registering for our RI WC 2021 that will take place from September 7th to September 9th, 2021

The vision of RIWC 2021 is MOVING SOCIETIES.  

The congress program reflects five different perspectives on rehabilitation: Individual; Scientific; Society; Professional Practice, and Policy perspectives.  

During the three-day duration of the RI WC 2021, we are proud to present a fully packed program of more than 400 virtual presentations, including 16 keynote presentations, and a virtual exhibition.   

You can find more information on the RI WC 2021,  as well as, RI WC 2021 Program by clicking the link below: 


We encourage you to register for the RI WC 2021, by clicking the link below:  


As a registered participant you gain full access to all the presentations, and this access will be available to you – until the end of 2021. 

You can also visit our page RI WC2021 on LinkedIn, where we publish the latest news and information:  


Please, visit and follow us on our social media pages and share the news with your networks.   

We appreciate all your support, and we are looking forward to meeting you all virtually on September 7-8-9, 2021