UN Security Council adopts resolution on protection of disabled people in armed conflict

The Security Council on Thursday adopted a resolution on the protection of civilians in armed conflict, including those with disabilities.

Resolution 2475, which won unanimous support of the 15-member council, urges all parties to armed conflict to take measures to protect civilians, including those with disabilities, and to prevent violence and abuses against civilians in situations of armed conflict.

It emphasizes the need for states to end impunity for criminal acts against civilians, including those with disabilities, and to ensure that such persons have access to justice and effective remedies and, as appropriate, reparation.

It urges member states to take all appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination and marginalization of persons on the basis of disability in situations of armed conflict.

The resolution underlines the benefit of providing assistance to civilians with disabilities affected by armed conflict, including reintegration, rehabilitation and psychosocial support, to ensure that their specific needs are effectively addressed, in particular, those of women and children with disabilities.

It encourages member states to take appropriate measures to ensure that persons with disabilities have access on an equal basis with others to basic services provided in the context of armed conflict, including education, health care services, transportation and information and communication technologies and systems.

Source: Xinhua