Universal Design in Kindergarten and School, Guidelines and Universal Tools

21 February 2023

The project Universal Design in Kindergarten and School, Guidelines and Universal Tools, is a project in cooperation between Rehabilitation International (RI) Norway and the Education Commission in RI International. The project is funded by grants from Global Disability Development Fund of RI. Representatives in RI/Education Commission from India, Germany, and Finland have supported the project with information know ledge. Mr. Arne Lein, former RI-Norway member, has supported the project with his knowledge from a long career working with disability policy.

Kindergarten and schools and other institutions working with Inclusive Education, need guidelines and tools for making their institutions accessible for all children, also children with disability. The aim for the project has been to make a set of universal tools for use in all countries, both countries with poor economy and wealthy countries.

We hope the guidelines and the materials from the project could give inspiration for use in kindergarten and school. We also hope different countries could use the materials in making their own seminars, workshops, and conferences about the theme Universal Design in the education sector. Here bringing users, user organizations and professional together for discussing how to make kindergarten and schools more accessible.

It’s important for us to underline that the advice giving in this document is universal and are relevant for both kindergarten and schools, even if we often only mention school in the text.

We wish you all the best in bringing the guidelines and tools out to the society and hope it will give a better situation for children and young people in their education situation.

I hope the next step will be making an International Accessibility Symbol produced by RI showing kindergarten and schools working in accordance with the principle for Inclusive Education and Universal Design Learning.

Rehabilitation International Norway and Education Commission Tone L. Mørk Chair of Education Commission and project manager

Universal Design in Kindergarten and School, Guidelines and Universal Tools

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