Volunteer with disabilities helps blind watch movies at Military World Games

Du Chengcheng immediately attracted attention after showing up at an outdoor promotion activity for the 7th World Military Games here in the host city of Wuhan.

What made Du stand out in this way?

A volunteer at the Games, Du has spared no effort in making the Games an event that can be enjoyed by all 10 million citizens of Wuhan, regardless of their physical abilities. Among her duties is to act as a movie interpreter for the blind.

The 33-year-old Du knows what it is like to live with a disability. She lost one of her legs due to Neurofibromatosis, an inherited disorder of the nervous system in which tumors develop on nerves, leading to a range of complications.

Rather than let this keep her down, Du used her condition to propel herself forward, getting a job as a social worker to help the disabled in Qingshan, a district of Wuhan.

In 2010, the first community cinema for the blind was set up, which allowed Du to interpret movies for the blind.

To verbalize movie pictures into understandable phrases, she took in dozens of movie clips over and over.

“I keep a notebook by the side of my pillow, so that I can write down my thoughts whenever the scenes from the movies pop up in my dreams,” Du said.

Over the past 9 years, Du has interpreted over 70 movies for over 9,000 blind people. Many of the audience members are often moved to tears by her interpretations.

As of now, 10 teams of interpreters under Du’s guidance have been set up with the help of the local government.