Founded in 1922, Rehabilitation International (RI) is a global network promoting the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities and/or health problems through advocacy, habilitation, and rehabilitation to achieve an inclusive world where all people can enjoy active participation and full human rights.

Active Participation & Human Rights.

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  • April 21, 2014

    Asia-Pacific Meeting on Disability-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction: Changing Mindsets through Knowledge

    The Asia-Pacific Meeting on Disability-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction, organized by UN ESCAP, Rehabilitation International and Nippon Foundation, begins April 22 in Sendai, Japan. The meeting will bring together disaster risk policy experts, disability policy experts and disability rights experts to … Read More ➝

  • New Zealand April 13, 2014

    Ten golden principles of including persons with disabilities in the competitive labor market

    The following principles are based on a survey among members of Rehabilitation International (RI), which underline the existing international experiences and practices. They must underpin the policy by all the relevant stakeholders in rehabilitation including actors such as policy makers … Read More ➝